Scott Harig

Scott Harig has been a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga teacher since 2000. He studied with Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, Michael Rawlison, David Swenson, and Manju Jois. For the last eight years, he’s led the Ashtanga Open Practice program. Ashtanga Open Practice is now both online and hosting in-person classes in NYC & with the Ascend Center in Cold Spring, NY. Before yoga, Scott rode mountain bikes professionally.

Jamie Harig

Jamie Harig began practicing yoga over 20 years ago in NYC. She began teaching yoga in the Ashtanga Open Practice room in 2014. Much of what she shares comes from her husband, Scott Harig, and their teacher, Manju Jois. She has also learned ashtanga with David Swenson, John Campbell, Kathy McNames, and Nancy Gilgoff. She did her Yoga Nidra training with Shakti Assouline Benedict and has been sharing that practice since 2015. She graduated from Fordham University with honors in Communications and Religious Studies. Jamie previously worked as an actress, singer, and dancer.

Our Philosophy


Ashtanga Open Practice refers to the way Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught in its home city of Mysore, India. This program is now being taught at the AOP Shala in person, as well as, virtually on Zoom via Patreon (see schedule).

Each student is taught individually; given a one-on-one lesson in person at the studio or within a virtual group class on Zoom. This individual approach means Ashtanga Open Practice classes are a perfect fit for new and longtime practitioners. Each and every student is guided and supported in an ongoing program that offers an incredible array of strength, flexibility, and flow resulting in a practice that detoxifies balances, and strengthens both body and mind.

Each student is encouraged to memorize the breathing/movement sequence and develop an independent yet insightfully supported practice.

Open Ashtanga practice is offered in-person daily on the UWS, NYC, and on Zoom. Vinyasa classes and Led Ashtanga classes are also available throughout the week and on the weekends. Please check out our weekly schedule!