What is “Open Practice”?

Ashtanga Open practice (AOP) is a Mysore-style yoga practice whereby the student practices the Ashtanga series on their own through memorization of the sequence and teachers are in the studio or on Zoom to observe, guide, and teach the student. The practice is tailored to the student’s specific needs.

Do I need to know the Ashtanga series in order to join your community?

No, you do not need to know the Ashtanga series in order to join our community. We welcome beginners and will gladly work with you to teach you the traditional Ashtanga yoga series as it was taught in Mysore, India.

Do you need to sign up for a specific slot during AOP?

No, you can show up anytime during the “Open Practice” hours and stay as long or as short as you would like.

Can I switch between in-person and Zoom?

Yes, we encourage students to participate in both the in-person Ashtanga Open Practice program in conjunction with our Zoom Patreon program so that they can switch between the two.  Both memberships can be purchased on our website.  The cost for Patreon is open to what the student would like to pay and all of the classes (recorded and live) and content are included in the monthly price.

What happens if I get “stuck” on an asana? Will I be able to move on through the sequence?

Yes, our style of teaching is that if you get “stuck” on an asana, that is not a problem and we will not stop you at that point in the series.  We believe that later poses can often help you with that challenge pose. This is also Manju Jois’ style of teaching.

Do you do hands-on adjustments?

Yes, Ashtanga Yoga instructors typically adjust students into the postures and physically help to correct alignment.  If you do not want to be adjusted, you can simply let us know.

Does the studio have showers?

Yes, there is a shower in the bathroom at the shala.

Do I need to bring my own mat?

Yes, please feel free to bring your own mat. If you would like to keep your mat at the studio, the monthly storage rate is $20/month (if you have a monthly membership) or $25/month. If you would like to rent a mat, the rental fee is $3.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel either the in-person or Zoom membership at any time.  Both memberships will charge you through your billing cycle.

Do you offer workshops or yoga teacher trainings?

Yes! We periodically have workshops with our in-house teachers as well as with special guests. Please check our Events page on our website.   We also run trainings throughout the year and also run classes and special events at Ascend Studio in Cold Spring, NY.

If I join the monthly membership, can I take advantage of the Zoom classes?

In order to participate in Zoom classes, you would have to join our Patreon membership. The pricing is based on what the student wants to pay.  Our least expensive option is $12/month.

How do I pay for my membership?

For in-person classes, you can pay on our website: https://www.ashtangaopenpractice.com/pricing/

For Zoom classes, you can pay on Patreon: