Somatic Release Breathwork™

Somatic Release Breathwork™ is a healing practice to release trauma, stress, and tension that has been stored in the body. Through guided breath patterns, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming ), and co-regulation of your nervous system this modality is self-healing on a deep subconscious level. In this practice, we access the sympathetic nervous system to allow what’s been stuck in the body to be expressed and moved out and invite in new more useful patterns. The session is done lying down with eyes closed and is set to music. 

Somatic Release Breathwork™ often inspires insights on what’s been keeping you stuck and creates a safe space to release the past and claim your authentic Self. 

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, water bottle and journal for insights, optional eye mask.

Additional cost: $55 for all students. You must pay in advance in order to register for the session.

In-person Somatic Release Breathwork – Oct. 15th – Julia Zern

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